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SpyShelter protects your computer from viruses, spywares, keyloggers, etc.
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SpyShelter Personal Free is an advanced and very powerful software application designed to dramatically improve the security level of your Windows system. This tool has been designed for detecting and blocking hidden malicious programs - namely, spyware programs, keyloggers and trojans - whose purpose is mainly to steal the private information you store on your computer.

The program is very light and works as a resident application, keeping you safe from those dangerous threats all the time. It has a very important advantage over other similar applications - its ability to always detect the newest and most recent spyware programs, keyloggers and similar malware tools. In fact, it does not base its work on a static signature database, like most anti-virus and security software programs do, but uses its own internal algorithms for detecting and blocking on your system any strange or unexpected activity taking place when you perform certain tasks, before they have any chance to actually attack.

This amazing tool offers you special protection against malicious programs trying to intercept your clipboard contents (including screen captures) and the keys you press on your keyboard, besides an enhanced general system security. The program is fully configurable, and allows you to create black and white lists, log all the activity it detects, and decide on the protection level you want to use.

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